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Call us at 800-289-0189 or 972-278-2664

American-Made Air Quality Solutions

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Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants
2525 National Dr.
Garland, TX 75041

Phone: 972-278-2664
FAX: 972-278-1810

    • Wet Downdraft tables for Aluminum/Titanium etc.
    • Dry Downdraft tables for welding and grinding
    • Ambient Air Cleaning
    • Smoke and Oil Mist
    • Grinding - Sanding - Deburring
    • Welding & Smoke
    • Environmental booth
    • Soldering
    • Back Draft, Down Draft Adjustable Table
    • Handling Hexavalent Chromium
    • Blow off or Decontamination Booth
    • Help from local dealer. Please have my local Clean Air Consultants/ FIlter-1 dealer contact me.
    • Fax. Please send me information on the product line(s) indicated above at the provided Fax number.
    • Phone. I would like to discuss my ventilation requirement. Please call provided number.
    • Mail. Please send me literature on the product line(s) indicated above.

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