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Flowtron Series

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Cartridge Air Cleaner

Flowtron AC

Panel Filter Air Cleaner

Flowtron ACM

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Industrial Air Cleaners

Flowtron Series

Filtration Units for Ambient Dust

Flowtron AC Series

Self-Cleaning Cartridge Air Cleaners

Quiet, Efficient Operation

Flowtron Cartridge Air Cleaner

The Flowtron Air Cleaner is packed with design features that go straight to the bottom line. The film-laminated media is state-of-the-art for collecting fine dust in heavy concentrations from a wide range of welding, grinding, and finishing operations. The large capacity dust filters clean thoroughly off-line for the lowest cost per pound of collected dust, and the low-speed backward inclined blower reduces the energy cost of moving the air.

SRR Self-Cleaning System

As compressed air reaches near-sonic velocity exiting from our Sonic Resonating Rapper™, its whipping motion raps the inside of the cartridge, dislodging even the material deeply packed into the pleats.


Flowtron ACM Series

Standard Panel Filter Air Cleaners

Efficient, User-Friendly Operation

The Flowtron ACM uses a direct-drive, backward-inclined wheel to eliminate belt-drive losses as well as belt-drive maintenance. The Flowtron's backward-inclined wheel also maintains a more consistent air flow as the filters load and the pressure changes.

The ACM also uses standard MERV 11 24x24x4 inch filters for most applications. In addition, standard size application-specific filter panels may be used for various kinds of contaminants. The filters are in full view and completely accessible: as soon as a filter is full, it simply slides out laterally for easy replacement / cleaning.

Stack It or Hang It

The Flowtron ACM may be hung from the ceiling to conserve floor space, or sit on its base, with as many stacked modules as space allows and the dust load requires. Each module measures 24x32x32 inches, and has four fully accessible 24x24x4 inch filter slots.