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Dust Extraction Systems For Metallizing

Custom Tailored Solutions For Metallizing

Metallizing makes products last longer, look nicer and work better. With metalizing, a coating is applied on surfaces through various spray methods such as cold spray or thermal spray. The coating protects products from corrosion, improves their appearance, and enhance their functionality.

But airborne particulate and fine dust generated by metallizing processes can be harmful and hazardous. The toxic chemical composition of powder coatings used in cold spray and thermal spraying can:

  • Spark fires or explosions
  • Trigger electrical problems
  • Pollute indoor air quality

Controlling, containing, and eliminating the dust created by cold spray and thermal spray dust collection systems process is critical to keep your workplace safe, clean, healthy, and operating smoothly and efficiently.


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Our high-performing, long-lasting systems also offer an array of features:

  • Designed to fit perfectly in your work space
  • Have fans that fit your specific energy and efficiency requirements
  • Can include special options such as crane slots, pneumatic turn-tables, adjustable up-and-down tables, multiple hoppers, or wet spark traps.

Product Suggestions for Metallizing

Ultra-Efficiency Continuous-Duty Cartridge Dust Collector

Pulsatron PFV - Cartridge Dust Collector

Ultra-Efficiency Continuous-Duty Cartridge Dust Collector

Filters a broad range of dust particles and contaminants, such as wood dust, welding smoke, composites, plastic dust, dry powder, metal dust, toner, and cement dust. Typical applications for the Pulsatron cartridge dust collector include grinding, sanding, foundry, welding, fabrication, blasting, metalizing, and powder coating.

Wet Type Dust Collector / Downdraft Table

Hydrotron DHYD - Wet Type Dust Collector

Wet Type Dust Collector / Downdraft Table

The Filter 1 Hydrotron downdraft table is a self-contained workstation with its own water dust collection system, excellent for "cell manufacturing." It is used to filter Aluminum, Titanium, and other potentially explosive dust.

Wet Collector Downdraft Table

Hydrotron DHYD Mark II - Wet Collector Downdraft Table

Wet Collector Downdraft Table

Safely filter aluminum, titanium, and other potentially hazardous or explosive dust at a downdraft work table equipped with a water filtration system. Used for processes including sanding, grinding, deburring, buffing, polishing, packaging, and processing. Industries utilizing the Filter 1 Hydrotron DHYD include aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations, lighting enclosure manufacturing, Air Force base operations, motor/engine production, and major airlines.

Water Filter Dust Collector

Hydrotron HPB - Water Filter Dust Collector

Water Filter Dust Collector

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Control Booth, integrating the booth enclosure and wet dust collection, is a safe and economic method of cleaning potentially volatile materials. The Filter 1 Hydrotron HPBs are generally used for working on large objects that will not fit on a table, or for multiple tabletop operations where several operators will be in the booth at the same time.

Water Filter Dust Collector

Hydrotron HPB Mark II - Water Filter Dust Collector

Water Filter Dust Collector

Ducted Wet Type Dust Collector for Volatile Dust

Hydrotron HWF - Wet Dust Collector

Ducted Wet Type Dust Collector for Volatile Dust

Safely capture hazardous, potentially explosive dust, such as aluminum and titanium. Used for processing including sanding, grinding, buffing, deburring, packaging, processing. The Filter 1 Hydrotron HWF dust collector is in use by major aircraft manufacturers and airlines, metal cabinet manufacturers, military base operations, medical implants, and metal enclosure manufacturers.

Providing The Product You Need

Clean Air Consultants designs, develops, and delivers customized air filtration and dust collection systems ideal for handling the particulates generated by metallizing processes like cold spraying and thermal spraying. Our extensive products lists include high-quality:

Our customized air filtration and dust collection systems are expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested to:

  • Efficiently and effectively capture dust and fumes
  • Keep your work environment clean and clear
  • Ensure worker safety
  • Provide healthy ventilation
  • Comply with federal health regulations
  • Enhance and increase your productivity

Delivering The Service The Deserve

For more than 30 years, Clean Air Consultants has designed, developed, and delivered high-quality industrial air filtration and dust collection systems.

Clean Air Consultants has the expertise, experience, and equipment to supply the exact dust air filtration and dust collection systems to keep your environment clean and your workers safe.

We are your perfect clean air partner.


  • Systems custom designed by registered Professional Engineers
  • Have developed unique products in the market


  • Filter 1 products available through a network across the United States and Canada
  • Responsive service
  • Timely delivery


  • Utilize state-of-the-art technology
  • Proudly made in America

Additional Industries

Cold spraying and thermal spraying are generally used when the coating must be applied evenly over a large area. Compared to other processes such as electroplating or physical or chemical vapor deposition, cold spraying and thermal spraying can provide a thick, even coating at a higher rate, which means higher quality coatings and faster production.

Cold spray and thermal spray coatings add a host of desirable characteristics to the surface of a wide range of products, such as corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, insulation, and decoration. Cold spray and thermal spray processes are extensively used in numerous industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Oil & gas
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer products
  • Defense
  • Electrical equipment
Clean Air Consultants is committed to solving air quality concerns with world class engineered products to keep the environment clean & people safe.

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