Filter-1 - Baghouse Dust Collector

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Bagtron Series

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Bagtron BT

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Baghouse Dust Collector

Bagtron Series

The 99.9% Efficient Continuous-Duty Jet Baghouse Dust Collector

Baghouse Dust Collector

Heavy-Duty Dust Collection

The continuous duty bag dust collector for those applications where cartridges will not work. The Bagtron comes in a full range of sizes, from 67 sq. ft. to 1750 sq. ft. of filter, thus giving CFM's of air moved from as low as 500 CFM and as high as 25,000 CFM. In addition custom / larger sizes are available.

Self Cleaning While Running

Online cleaning is accomplished by a solid state control board which sequentially energenizes solenoids, allowing diaphragm valves to dump compressed air from the storage header into the blow-down pipe. The blow-down pipes have orifices over the inlets of each bag. The primary air is then joined by secondary air in the clean chamber both to flex the bag, cracking the dust cake, and also to blow off the loosened dust. The large agglomerated dust particles will then fall to the hopper for discarge from the collector. The compressed air jet is processed through a Venturi before passing to the fabric of the bag.


  • 14 Gauge with ribs
  • Magnehelic gauge
  • 16 oz. singed polyester felt
  • Internal Venturi
  • Galvanized bag cages
  • Nitro blue enamel
  • 4.75" Dia bags - 6, 8, or 10 ft. long


  • Direct mounted blower/motor
  • Volume control damper
  • Fan silencer
  • Bin vent design
  • Rotary air lock
  • Platform & ladder packs
  • Explosion vents
  • Photohelic gauge