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Industrial Downdraft & Backdraft Tables

Clean Air Consultant's Filter 1 industrial downdraft and backdraft tables are perfect for most grinding and deburring processes. From bench grinders, belt sanders, milling machines, tool sharpeners, disc grinders, angle cutters, buffing wheels, and Dremel tools, our tables capture grinding dust at the source. The work surface areas come in a variety of sizes and clearance options.

To provide greater flexibility we also offer mobile tables and benches, which can be used to work on oversized pieces such as wind turbine blades, helicopter rotors, and airplane wing assemblies.

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Our industrial downdraft tables are used for a variety of applications, including:

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Don’t see your industry in the list above?
Our Experts can help you find the right solution for you.

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Dry Dust Collection

Clearing fine dust particles can be difficult, but with a Filter 1 table, it is simple. Dust particles from sanding and finishing are sucked through the table and filtered out so that the air can be clean for your workers. They are ideally for die grinders, orbital sanders, angle polishers, buffing tools, disc grinders, angle cutters, buffing wheels, and beveling tools.

Wet-Type Collection

Wet-type dust collection is required for the safe collection of combustible metal dust. This style of the water-based collector has also been used effectively in many other difficult applications in place of cartridge collectors.  Dirty air is drawn from the work surface into an enclosed tube containing water, which traps the dust as the air travels through the water and then metal impinger & mesh filters. Clean air is drawn out and returned immediately back into the workplace.

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