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Downtron DFW Wood Standing Table

Downdraft Table for the Woodworking Industry

Sanding Made Simple

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW wood sanding table provides excellent performance for most wood sanding operations by combining our direct drive, backward-inclined wheel for efficient performance with standard MERV 11 panel filters for easy, cost-effective maintenance. (For special requirements, standard size 24x24x4 inch panel filters with application-specific media may also be used.) Both sides of the downdraft woodworking table have a six-inch overhang; all sides have side suction slots to catch dust from sanding over the edge, and the work surface is constructed of a rubber mat for ease of use with wood. The motor is mounted externally (out of the air stream).

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Downtron DFW Wood Standing Table

A Heavy-Duty Table for Finishing Wood, Metal, and Composites

Efficient, Easy-Maintenance Operation

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW maximizes blower performance by utilizing a direct drive, backward-inclined, non-over-loading wheel, resulting in a high CFM flow with relatively low horsepower and energy consumption. There are no belts to change or bearings to grease. The standard panel filters are easy to access and replace.

  • Blower - Direct-drive, BI wheel, TEFC motor mounted out of the air stream
  • Construction:
    • Welded steel cabinet - 12, 14, 16 ga.
    • Tabletop - rubber mat supported by expanded metal
  • Standard filters - Standard efficiency MERV-12, 24"x24"x4"
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  • General manufacturing
  • Woodworking
  • Parts re-working
  • Aerospace
  • Maintenance
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Three Sizes

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW Series includes 36" tall, 4' wide tables in three lengths: 5 feet (our strongest performer), 7 feet, and 9 feet. As with all Downtrons, the DFW Wood Sanding tables are constructed of all-welded heavy-gauge carbon steel for lasting, heavy-use performance.

Pick Your Filter Pack

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW table's standard MERV-12 filters are rated for 12000 CFM, yet run at 6000 CFM. This feature allows the filter to hold four times the dust, reducing the total cost of ownership. The filter slots are six inches wide and will hold a variety of filter combinations for your specific needs.

The Right Components for the Job

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW's direct-drive blower wheel provides a generous flow for effective source capture, and can even serve also as a general air cleaner for the room.

The Filter 1 Downtron DFW has a spark-resistant aluminum blower cone, and the motor is out of the air stream.

Table-top from common rubber floor mat is easy on the parts, easy on the worker, and easy on the pocketbook when it needs to be replaced.

There is a six-inch overhang for worker comfort on both sides of the DFW, and the side suction slots catch dust that would otherwise be lost when the sanding or grinding extends beyond the edge of the table.

All-welded heavy-sheet steel cabinet is built both to perform and to last.

The easy-to-change panel filters which run well below the flow rating for high dust holding capability provide effective dust collection and easy maintenance.

Standard Downtron DFW Series Models

ModelHPCFMW x L x HFilter Sq Ft
DFW 2-1-.3.31,5002' x 2' x 3'26
DFW 3-2-111,5002' x 2' x3'52
DFW 4-2-1.51.52,5004' x 4' x 3'52
DFW 5-4-335,0004' x 5' x 3'108
DFW 6-4-335,0004' x 6' x 3'108
DFW 7-6-335,0004' x 7' x 3'162
DFW 8-8-557,6004' x 8' x 3'216
DFW 9-8-557,6004' x 9' x 3'216
DFW 10-8-557,6004' x 10' x 3'216
DFW 12-12-101012,0004' x 12' x 3'324
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