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Hydrotron Series

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Ducted Wet Collector

Hydrotron HWF

Wet Collector Tables

Hydrotron DHYD
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Wet Collector Booths

Hydrotron HPB
Hydrotron HPB Mark II

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Water Filter Dust Collector

Hydrotron Series

Filtering Aluminum, Titantium, and Other Potentially Explosive Dust

Water Filter Technology

Filter 1 Hydrotron Water Filter Dust Collectors purify air by a combination of centrifugal force and violent mixing of water and contaminated air. As the air stream passes the fixed baffles, particulate is separated by heavy, turbulent curtain of water created by high velocity air. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid changes in airflow direction forces the dust particles to penetrate the water droplets and become entrapped. Contaminated water is then removed from the airstream by special mist filters. Dust, as sludge, settles to the collector bottom and the water is reused.

The Hydrotron is specifically designed for safe collection of potentially explosive and volatile materials and is effective in the capture of fine metal particles. It meets the National Fire Protection Association guidelines for processing and finishing aluminum. (Learn more about NFPA guidelines and the use of wet dust collectors). Since the Hydrotron also meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust removal located inside buildings, it can recirculate in-plant, tempered air to conserve energy.


Hydrotron HWF Series, the standard ducted wet type collector; Hydrotron DHYD Series, the combination wet type dust collector and downdraft table; and Hydrotron HPB Series, the combination wet type dust collector and environmental control booth.



Automatic Fill System

Hydrotron HWF Series

Ducted Wet Type Dust Collector

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Dust Collector is specifically designed for capture of fine metal particles. The HWF series is a safe and economic method of cleaning these potentially volatile materials. With air volumes between 500 CFM and 5,000 CFM, the units can be connected via ductwork to the dust generating machines for source capture. This water filter collector meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building.


Hydrotron HWF Series

Model CFM HP HxWxL Water Gal
HWF1-10-3 1000 @ 4" HSP 3 95"x34"x40" 50
HWF2-20-3 2000 @ 4" HSP 3 95"x34"x40" 63
HWF3-30-5 3000 @ 4" HSP 5 95"x36"x46" 93
HWF4-40-7.5 4000 @ 4" HSP 7.5 95"x40"x48" 100
HWF5-50-10 5000 @ 4" HSP 10 95"x46"x58" 100

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Hydrotron DHYD Series

Wet Type Dust Collector / Downdraft Table

Wet Dust Collector Downdraft Table

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Downdraft Table is a self-contained workstation with its own water dust collection system, excellent for "cell manufacturing." It features easy installation and comes ready to run. The workstation is available with a single work surface or with two work surfaces, one on each side.

The Hydrotron gets the dust immediately wetted, reducing the risk of fire in ductwork and meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building. The standard unit includes a fiberglass grated work surface, a Regain Air Curtain in front to prevent dust from escaping the work zone, and a clear inspection door.


Hydrotron DHYD Series

Single Station
Model CFM HP Table DxW
DHYD1-30-5-4 3,000 5 1x 30"x48"
DHYD1-30-5-3 3,000 5 1x 30"x36"
DHYD1-30-5-4-3 3,000 5 1x 36"x48"
DHYD1-30-5-5 3,000 5 1x 30"x60"
DHYD1-30-5-6 3,000 5 1x 30"x72"
DHYD1-50-10-4 5,000 10 1x 30"x48"
DHYD1-50-10-4-3 5,000 10 1x 36"x48"
DHYD1-50-10-5-3 5,000 10 1x 36"x60"
DHYD1-50-10-6-3 5,000 10 1x 36"x72"
Double Station
Model CFM HP Table DxW
DHYD2-30-5-4 3,000 5 2x 30"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-5-3 5,000 10 2x 36"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-5 5,000 10 2x 30"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-4 5,000 10 2x 30"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-4-3 5,000 10 2x 36"x48"
DHYD2-50-10-5-3 5,000 10 2x 36"x60"
DHYD2-50-10-6 5,000 10 2x 30"x72"

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Hydrotron HPB Series

Wet Type Environmental Control Booth

Wet Dust Collector Booth

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Control Booth, integrating the booth enclosure and wet dust collection, is a safe and economic method of cleaning potentially volatile materials. The Hydrotron HPBs are generally used for working on large objects that won't fit on a table, or for multiple table top operations where several operators will be in the booth at the same time. These wet dust collection booths meet OSHA and NFPA guidelines for dust collectors located inside the building, allowing recirculation of in-plant, tempered air to conserve energy. The units remove heavy sparks from grinding and gouging, and filter repirable dust and contaminates from sanding, deburring, buffing, packaging, and processing.

The HPB series features a minimum of 300 FPM in the work zone, sound attenuating interior surfaces, and flourescent lighting with dust tight lens. The booths may be equipped with the Regain Air, "Push/Pull" technology pioneered by Filter 1 to increase capture velocity, up to 800 FPM in the "breathing zone."


Hydrotron HPB Series

Model CFM HP HxWxL
HPB6-1-1X10 5,500 10 7.5'x6'x154"
HPB8-2-2X10 11,000 2X10 7.5'x8'x154"
HPB12-2-2X10 11,000 2X10 7.5'x12'x154"
HPB16-3-3X10 16,500 3X10 7.5'x16'x154"
HPB20-4-3X10 16,500 3X10 7.5'x20'x154"
HPB24-5-4X10 22,000 4X10 7.5'x24'x154"
HPB28-5-5X10 23,500 5X10 7.5'x28'x154"
HPB30-6-5X10 27,500 5X10 7.5'x30'x154"
HPB36-7-6X10 33,000 6X10 7.5'x36'x154"

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